About the Run – FAQ’s

General FAQ’s for the Smiths Falls Spring Fling Running Thing

When is it?

April 22, 2018. 9:00 am

Race Kit Pick Up?

April 21, 2018 Sport X – 11 Chambers Street Smiths Falls 0930-2pm or on race day at race site (Ferrara Drive) between 0730-0830am. It really helps if you can get your kit (race bib and gift if ordered) on April 21st as this avoids congestion and lines on race morning.

What are the distances of the race?

We’re holding a 2K, a 5K, a 10K and a Half Marathon. Races start at 09:00 and will be staggered slightly. There will be a time cut off point for the race (12:00).

Can we walk?

Yes, but we encourage all walkers who cannot finish their race by noon to please consider leaving earlier (0830).

Are your times chipped?

Yes, Sports Stats will be doing the timing. Timing chips must be picked up on race day at the race site between 0730 -0830 am.

Are there prizes?

All runners will receive a medal for completing their race. But not just any medal, a special custom..hand made medal.

Are we getting a shirt or something?

We going with something new for 2018… stay tuned. Gloves ($5) and socks ($10) will be available for purchase at kit pick up and on race day.

Are Porta-potties available?

Yes, at the start area and the 1/2 marathon turn around at 10.5K. We do ask that spectators remember that runners get first priority!

Are there Water Tables along the course ?

Yes, we will have at least 4 tables. Tables (at 2.5, 5k, 10.5k marks) will be stocked with water. If it is hot, we will add an extra table at the Kelly Road crossing.  Please bring your own sports drink or gels. Bagels, bananas and water will be available at the finish line.

We’re looking for groups or folks to take over and theme a table. If interested, please contact us at springflingrunningthing@gmail.com

How will you arrange the start line?

We will seat people according to time just before the race starts. For example – before the start of the Half, we will ask everyone who anticipate finishing in 1 hr 40 minutes or less to come forward, then we will ask the same for between 1 hr 40 minutes and 2 hours, and so on. Depending on numbers, we may have waves for certain races.

Where is the course?

The course will be on the Cataraqui Trail. It follows the trail out 10.5K, where you turn back towards Smiths Falls and head back into Smiths Falls. (see map below)

So it’s a trail run?

Technically, yes, BUT the Cat trail is an old rail way bed. It’s wide enough for a full sized truck to drive down and is well groomed and maintained. The trail is actually likened to a cottage road without the potholes (to roll your ankles). It should meet the demands of both Trail Runners and Road Runners alike, but be aware that there are some spots with gravel and stones. A heavier road shoe or trail shoe is recommended if you have sensitive feet.

We had great news in 2016 … the trail was resurfaced. You will love it!

Whats it like?

It’s beautiful with great scenery. You’ll actually run through the Lombard Glen Golf Course and the Smiths Falls Golf Course at one spot along your route.

Is it an out and back?

Yes, all races are an out and back.

Are there hills?

The route profile is shown below but there are no serious hills to battle. Remember that it is an old rail bed so the rail companies took out most of the rises to keep a steady flat surface of the trains to run.

Are you worried about congestion?

We should be okay. We will offset the start of the races so that this should not be an issue. Plus, we’ll arrange the start lines so that the people seeking faster times start towards the front and are placed appropriately. As with all races, we ask people to be considerate and take into account those that are around them. If you are pushing a stroller, please move to the side to allow others to pass safely. Everyone participating must be registered (waiver signed).

First Aid

If you need help you can let one of our cyclists or water table volunteers know. We will have a first aid tent at the start/finish area as well.

What is the race for?

The race is for the local Smiths Falls Hospital Foundation and is 100% charity after the costs for the race are covered. We also encourage people to raise money through pledges which will go directly to the hospital and are not part of the race/cost structure. Please contact the Hospital Foundation directly if you wish to make a donation.

What is with the “Running Thing”?

The Running Thing is our mascot !  Legend has it he shows up in the strangest places! Please follow us on Facebook @ Smiths Falls Spring Fling Running Thing to see where he has been last spotted!

How do I register?

Events.com – Opens December 1, 2017


Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate paper registrations this year. You can register in person on April 21st at Sport X if we have not sold out.

Anything else?

Yes – our goal and theme is hospitality and community. Let us show you what Smiths Falls is all about.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

With thanks and have a great and fun day!

Jenny, Pat, Sheldon, Jenn, Kim, Robin, Kris, Wendy & Phillipa

See the Route and elevation profile below.

Start and Finish Line