Race Day Things to Know – April 22, 2018

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2018 Race Day information … Please continue to check back for more race day information!

Thank you for signing up for the 2018 Spring Fling, we’re very happy to have you joining us. This communication outlines what you need to know about race day and race kit pick up. We also have additional information on our website and we post updates on Facebook.

A little about this race: The race is a community effort and not the result of a single person. The Spring Fling Running Thing began seven years ago, with the focus of “Community and Hospitality” and we continue to hold onto this vision today. The race raises money for the Smiths Falls Hospital Foundation but paramount is our goal to ensure that all participants whether, new or veteran runners, have a whole lot of fun!

Date and Time: The event is Sunday April 22, 2018 starting at 9:00 am. If you are walking the 1/2 marathon, we will be asking you to start at 8:30 am. Race times will be slightly offset to avoid congestion on the trail (1/2 9:00, 10K 9:03, 5K 9:06, 2K 9:10).

Location: The race will begin at the end of Ferrara Drive, Smiths Falls at the start of the Cataraqui Trail. Ferrara Drive is off of Highway 15/Lombard St. and you will see it between Andress’ Independent Grocer and Canadian Tire. A map is available on our website. We will have volunteers to direct you on race morning.

Parking: Parking is available at the following stores on Highway 15/Lombard St. Walmart (back of parking lot) and LCBO/Dollarama. Please avoid parking on the side streets around Ferrara Drive.

Race Kit Pick Up: You can pick your race kits up at Sport X, 11 Chamber Street Smiths Falls on April 21st between 9:30 am and 2:00 pm. You can also pick your kit up on race day, at the race site on Ferrara Drive from 7:30 – 8:30 am.

Race Day Registration: We are capping our numbers at 350 participants again this year, so register early to avoid disappointment. We sold out in 2016 & 2017 ! We will take in-person registrations on April 21st at race pick up if we haven’t sold out and again on race morning from 7:30-8:00am.

Chip Timing: We are using SportsStats again this year. It’s important that you arrive at the race site to pick up your chip (worn on your ankle) no later than 8:30. SportStats requires time to activate the chips prior to the race so if you arrive after 8:45 you might risk not having your chip active. You must return your timing chip. If it hasn’t been returned, we worry that you are still out on the course. You are responsible for making sure we get your chip back, otherwise you owe Sportstats. After the run you’ll be able to see your race results at http://www.sportstats.ca/calendar.xhtml

Trail Conditions: The winter has been a long one, but our volunteers will be out on the Cataraqui Trail before April 22nd to ensure that conditions are good. The trail has recently been expanded and upgraded by the trail association, so you will see a change from previous years. Congestion should not be an issue. We will be proceeding rain or shine.

Porta Potties: At the start line and turnaround for Half Marathon

Food and Drink: Water will be available on course. You will find water tables at the 5K, 10K, 21K turnarounds. Post race snacks (bagels/bananas) will be available courtesy of Andress’ Independent once again this year. Juice boxes for the kids will also be available. No gels will be offered, please bring your own.

Bag Check: It can be cold on race morning so if you have extra clothes and would like to leave a bag, we will have tent space available. You are leaving things at your own risk so please don’t leave valuables!!!

Race Swag: Our partner Graham Ross at kidwithacrayon.com has been hard at work to design our custom swag this year! To guarantee your swag, you must register before Feb 15th.  We have some socks ($10) & gloves ($5) available for purchase on race kit pick up and race day. Our custom crafted medals are also back! Song of the Frog pottery in Port Elmsley makes each medal by hand !

Etiquette: With the start of each race, we will be asking the runners to group before moving you into the start chute. We ask that you place yourself depending on your ability. For example, if this is your first 5K and you are typically running a 30 – 35 minute run, Mid-pack is fine. If you are going to be out there longer then 40 minutes, move more towards the back. Some people will be running for fun, some people will be running for pace. Please keep this in mind and it will ensure everyone has a great time! Stay to the right of the trail at all times unless passing someone.

Garbage: Please help us keep this wonderful trail clean! If you take a drink, please drop your cup in the water station area so the volunteers can pick it up. If you bringing your own gels, please dispose of them at the stations and not on the ground.

Volunteers: Please remember to thank those that are out there making your day a good one! They are getting very early on a Sunday morning just for you. If you know of someone who wants to volunteer that hasn’t already contacted us please have them email us.

First Aid: If you need help, please let one of our volunteer cyclists or water station volunteers know. We have a first aid station at the start/finish area.

Race Day Registration: We will have race day registration assuming we have not sold out. All participants must be registered and the waiver signed.

No Shows: no pick up – no show – no swag – no refund ! Sorry.

Numbers: We hope to have 350 runners again in 2018.

Sponsors and Partners: Our business community is stepping up huge to help out. Please take some time to visit them while you are in Smiths Falls.

Cataraqui Trail: This wonderful resource in our area runs from Smiths Falls to Kingston. More great sponsors keep coming on board every year to support the race and the Hospital Foundation!If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us. We look forward to seeing you at the run!

The Running Thing: Keep your eye out …. He can be anywhere !

Sincerely and have a great day from your 2018 – Spring Fling Steering Committee !

Jenny S., Pat G., Sheldon H., Jenn R., Kim S-B., Robin H., Kris P., Wendy H. & Phillipa T.